Pakistan Christian Power is a Christian Resource Channel called to follow the only one commandment given directly by Jesus Christ our Lord.

Since the past few decades, Christians of Pakistan have been more open to the vulnerable challenges of being the minority and have become easy prey to the radical Anti-Christian mindsets.

We are trying hard to bring resources and opportunities for Christians in Pakistan so that they can recover from poverty, lack of education, being disadvantage and oppressed. We believe only we can uplift each other and with the Code of Unity and peace, we can break our chains and regain the respect that has been our birthright.



Brief Info;

Pakistan Methodist Church is located in a small village on Raiwind Road and the Christian Village is the only place of worship. The surrounding area of the Church is bought by Bahria Town and since they have not developed it in so many years it turned into water puddles of rainwater. The land started sinking due to seepage expanding beneath. The Church was immediately evicted and prayers had to stop. Pakistan Christian Power took the initiative to reconstruct the Church. We ran a few fundraising campaigns and started the reconstruction. The Church still needs finances to finish the project. Villagers are not able to finance the construction of the Church and that is why they deserve to be helped to finish the construction. 

Account Title: M.C. of Pakistan Methodist Church
Account Number: 1000 8622
Branch Code: 0239
Swift Code: PK09MUCB
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